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Grow with Google OKC

Chandler Scarbrough on December 20, 2017

Grow with Google OKC
As some of you know, Google came to town a couple weeks ago. And Google coming to town is a lot cooler than an old-school medicine man rolling into the town square. A couple of us from Levant were lucky enough to attend the Google conference, which means (lucky for you) we can share what you missed! (But seriously, next time Google is in town, don't miss it. The conference was free and it lasted basically all day with different classes to choose from...so no excuses, guys.) 

First things first, Kara and I attended the "Digital Heroes" panel, where some of our local OKC leaders gave us their insight about technology today and how they're using it for their businesses and the community. Members of the panel included: Rhonda Hooper, chair of the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber; Mark Barth, president of Goodwill; and Darcy Schein and Leslie Coale-Mossman, owners and entrepreneurs of Pie Junkie. (No, they did not bring samples. #disappointment)

One of my favorite things I learned from this panel was the term, "New Collar worker." Maybe it's not a new concept to you, but it's a term for highly experienced machinists (like welders and robotics technicians) who perform the manual work on all the crazy technology we're developing. Definitely a valuable role that deserves its own cool name. We'll talk more about the panel's insights and the term "Black Pie Day" in another post.

After the panel, we got to sample four local food trucks with our nifty punch cards, courtesy of the Google OKC sponsors. Then we headed to the Intro to Online Marketing seminar. This is where you really missed out, folks. Kara and I got to use our rad journalism skills and furiously jot notes about SEO, online reviews, social media marketing, and online ads—some of which affirmed what we already tell our customers ("Yes, we were right! Google said so!"). Some of it was more ground-breaking.

One of the most enlightening pieces of information from this session was the super-simple advice about how to ask for a quality review:

"Ask your customer what problem they faced. Ask them to explain how your business handled it. Ask them to tell how it made their life better." 


Why haven't we all been doing that? Thank you, Google.

Our next session was about using data to drive growth, where we got some refreshingly personable advice about user and consumer data. I'm usually one to glaze over where numbers and percentage signs are involved, but one of the panel members that morning said something that stuck with me: "Big Data is just Big Data until we humanize it." 

So a number isn't just a number—it's a customer, a friend, a user of your product who can help you improve. "Users" and "sessions" on your website become a lot more interesting when you think about who those users are and how they think. 

All in all, the Google OKC conference was great—much more so than I can fit into one blog post. 

If you want more amazing tips from the worldwide web wizards, follow our upcoming blogs—Kara and I will give you the scoop about everything we learned, from the website "Grunt Test" to cool new apps for business start-ups. 

If reading isn't your thing, and you prefer to listen/hang around other cool OKC peeps, then come to our Grow 2.0 event in January! It's perfect if you didn't get to attend Google OKC, or if you just want some more in-depth information about how to grow your business online. We're partnering with Smirk New Media (one of our gracious Google hosts) to tell you more about boosting your online presence. And just like Google (because we learn from the best), our event is free! So stay tuned, and we'll see you soon! 

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