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SEO Tips You Can Implement Today

Ryan Bryant on April 13, 2018

SEO Tips You Can Implement Today
Every business wants better Google search results—it's just a fact in today's world of immediate online access and tech-based communication. If you have any online presence at all and your goal is to reach new people, the obvious endgame is getting as many eyeballs on your website as possible. That's why we'll be discussing Search Engine Optimization this week, what it is, and a few tricks you can use to get your web presence to work for you.

First, at the most basic level, what is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) anyway? It might be a term you've heard before, something you know is important for your website, but you may not know much beyond that.

  • SEO is the process by which a web developer (hopefully Levant!) can help your website become more visible to search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 
  • SEO is all about getting views and growing your popularity in the eyes of a search engine's database. 

However, here's the tricky part: Google keeps their algorithms a secret and they regularly modify the code. As a result, web developers and marketing professionals do a lot of research to keep up with the ongoing changes. We can't guarantee you'll be on page one all the time, every time—that's impossible given the billions and billions of sites that exist. But there are a few things you can do today to ensure you're making the most out of your website.

Maintain a Blog 

Blogging can be a great way to get additional clicks and eyes on your site. Each time you draft a blog, you can submit those posts to outside sites like eHow or Pingomatic. The latter pings different search engines to let them know that your blog has been updated, which saves bloggers a lot of time and energy. What's the ultimate goal? Acquiring backlinks. 

Backlinks are links to your website or blog from other websites and are strongly considered when it comes to your search-engine rankings. The more legitimate backlinks you've got, the better! You can even reach out to colleagues, chamber members, people you regularly network with, etc. and ask them to link to your site on their website. Which leads us to...

Get Client Testimonials

All businesses like to get positive feedback from their clients. It's good for referrals, and it boosts your legitimacy and standing in the community. Your online reputation is cultivated the same way. Make sure your clients are leaving good reviews on highly ranked sites like Google and Yelp. And ask them to include your website link in the positive review. That way, you gain verifiable legitimacy in the eyes of your clients, while also scoring some backlinks on highly ranked sites.

Use Social Media the Right Way

Most businesses utilize social media in some capacity, but not all of them do so correctly. You don't want to make Facebook or Twitter your primary means of communicating your message to clients. Ultimately, your social media accounts should be tools to guide people back to your website content and not the other way around. You want to gain and maintain an audience for your site or blog, and sharing links on social media that guide users to your website via pertinent, useful information is a wonderful way to go about it. You're not only getting more page views, but also providing legitimately valuable and helpful content for current and potential clients.

These basic tactics won't revolutionize your website's SEO, but they'll certainly help get you on the right track. There is no "magic bullet" for SEO—much of it is a long-game that requires persistence, trial-and-error, and working at your content. You have to learn to walk before you can run, and taking some initial steps to better optimize your web presence can lead to later growth.

So if you're feeling stuck with your website, or you feel like nobody is seeing it, consider this: are you providing quality content to your users? Are you making an effort to get people to your website via social media? Are you cultivating testimonials from happy customers? If not, start today by calling Levant at (405) 329-9997 to request a free SEO consultation.

For more information on Levant, what we do, and how we do it, click here.

Happy optimizing, Levant Techies!

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