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On Unleashing Your Best Work

Ryan Bryant on July 21, 2017

On Unleashing Your Best Work

One of the big questions many of us face at work is: am I really doing my best? There are always days when you may not feel well, or you may be a little tired or in a bad mood. But what happens if you find yourself slipping into a pattern of lackluster work? How do you recapture your enthusiasm and ensure you’re giving your career 100 percent? 

In his book Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Every Day, Todd Henry says, "Mediocrity doesn't just happen suddenly; it develops over time." Henry argues that setting and focusing on goals, both professionally and personally, can keep you on track and help you flourish.

Below is Henry's "Die Empty Principle," which acts as a guideline for your own development in the areas of Business, the Relational (making an effort to connect with those important to you/your goals), the Intellectual (improving how your mind works), and the Personal (health and mindfulness):

1. E - Focus on Ethics

  • Look at your appointments, commitments, and tasks
  • Consider how to apply your values/ethics to them
  • Consider potential pitfalls

2. M - Focus on your Mission

  • Consider what will change as a result of your effort today. Is it serving a higher personal goal? How do you determine if today was a success?
  • What isn't already represented? Are you missing necessary work to achieve a goal?
  • What needs to go away?

3. P - Focus on People

  • Who will you interact with today? Consider them individually.
  • Are there any open relational loops to close? Are there conversations you need to have today?
  • What can you do to serve others today?

4. T - Focus on Tasks

  • Consider your daily priorities, as good work demands dedicated time on your calendar.
  • Define your projects.

5. Y - Focus on You

  • What will you do today to develop yourself?
  • What do you need to start moving on?
  • Remember to be grateful
  • Allow yourself to dream a little

Henry argues that we all need to decide what work we are willing to suffer for, as passion follows action and not the other way around. What are your passions? What can you do to kickstart your work ethic? Examining these questions can help you to revitalize how you approach your job and come to the office each day ready to give it all you've got.

Click here for more information on Todd Henry and this excellent book!

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