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The Four-Hour Hiring Process: Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Levant Technologies on June 16, 2017

The Four-Hour Hiring Process: Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner
Levant Technologies is proud to hire based on Character First methodologies. Our CEO is a firm believer that “nobody puts baby in a corner,” to quote the perennial Patrick Swayze classic, Dirty Dancing. She will not “test” prospective employees for personalities, profiles, type casting, or arbitrary assessments during the resume and interview process. Stacy Eads, our CEO, has three years of temp-to-hire HR experience, where she sorted through 90 resumes and 10+ interviews per day.

This career strength allows Stacy to focus more on applicant’s character. Certain indicators, like being on time for the interview or writing a hand written thank you after the interview, help job prospects earn bonus points. Gold stars are also given for bravery when an applicant calls the office after submitting a resume to confirm it was properly received.

Stacy also likes to look for a quality resume that highlights certain “stats” within their career, showing they like to track results and are naturally goal-oriented. Strong grammar, spelling, proper formatting, and attention to detail can all be seen within the page of a resume. For Stacy, there is no need to test that someone is a “green profile with dominant lion personality”the resume itself says it all.

Last year, we employed a new four-hour hiring approach, taught by business coach Rob Garibay. We narrowed the resumes, emailed follow-up questions and salary ranges, and then narrowed again. After we felt like we had a good mix of candidates, we scheduled two sets of group interviews that followed a specific format:

  • The first 30 minutes of the interview went over the company itself and our values, vision, culture, and environment, followed by 15 minutes of candidate Q&A.
  • In the next 30-minute segment, the CEO described the position, and had present employees in that position speak to what their daily job duties are like, followed by another 15 minutes of candidate Q&A.
  • All employees were present and taking notes on body language, eye contact, quality of questions, timeliness to interview, which candidates were taking notes, and their initial impressions.
  • Then, a round-robin rotation was set up allowing each candidate time to answer two questions per Levant employee, who were stationed in different rooms throughout the office. When the timer dinged, the candidate rotated to the next potential coworker station where two more questions were asked.
  • At the end of the evening, the CEO received team feedback and notes and a discussion ensued. Afterward, the top candidates were selected for a one-on-one interview with the CEO to go over more sensitive details such as salary, start date, benefit packages, mileage, insurance, and more.

We were able to customize the Four-Hour Hiring Process and actually cut it to a grand total of three hours. This process worked so beautifully that we ended up hiring two new Project Managers instead of one! Meet Tonya Sharp and Chandler Scarbrough

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