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Do You Really Need All Those Features?

Ryan Bryant on September 25, 2018

Do You Really Need All Those Features?
Odds are, the answer is no.

Several studies have shown (going all the way back to 2012—practically a century in internet years!) that users assess the beauty and quality of a website in a fraction of a second, with more “visually complex” websites consistently rated as worse-looking than their simpler counterparts. And simpler, less ornate sites? They were regarded as the most beautiful websites across the board.

The fact is that the less ornate your website is, the more likely you are you get conversions from site visitors. That’s not to say your website should be an empty void of whitespace. Images, colors, and strong content play an important role in a strong web presence. But an over-the-top, baroque, unique-to-a-fault website might actually be hurting your business.

If you can avoid too much ornamentation, and instead focus on strong calls-to-action and a straightforward site layout, you’re much more likely to get the eyes and clicks of your customers. Don’t distract them from the important information about your organization with unnecessary design elements. A simpler design is classic, and overall more appealing to a wider audience.

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