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What to Know to Redesign Your Website

Ryan Bryant on August 21, 2018

What to Know to Redesign Your Website
But make no mistake, your website won’t stay fresh forever. Every three to five years, there is enough growth in the web-design world to warrant changing things up. A good rule to keep in mind: if you feel like your website looks dated, odds are your site visitors feel the same way.

If your website isn’t mobile responsive, there’s a good chance you’re annoying your site visitors, as over half of all web browsing is done on smartphones and other mobile devices. If your website doesn’t look good on your phone, think of all the potential business you could be losing out on to your mobile-friendly competitors.

You may also be in the market for some new website functionality: a new blog, e-commerce, or something entirely custom. If you’re finding that your current website isn’t cutting it for your business needs, then you’re an ideal candidate for a redesign. Levant can design a new site exactly to your specifications, so that you can run your business without worrying if your web presence compares with others in your field.

Another good strategy: keep track of your analytics. If your Google Analytics shows that your website hasn’t gotten many views, get to the bottom of why that is. Do you have a lackluster website design? Are you marketing the site well enough? If your results aren’t so hot, you might benefit from a redesign utilizing modern SEO strategies to ensure you’re engaging with the right audience.

There’s a lot to consider when revamping your website. Levant can help you determine if you’re a good candidate for a redesign, or if you just need some assistance with your marketing strategies.

Whatever the case may be, contact us today or call us at 405-329-9997 to schedule a FREE one-hour consultation to get a better understanding of your online presence, and what you can do to make it better.