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Google Analytics: Who’s Visiting Your Website?

Ryan Bryant on August 22, 2018

Google Analytics: Who’s Visiting Your Website?
You may have a Google Analytics account, but have no idea how to use it to the fullest extent. This is common in the web-world, as many web design and marketing companies don’t take the time to teach their clients about all the data you can dive into with analytics.

That’s why we’re offering a FREE one-hour Google Analytics training for you or your entire team. We’ll confirm that Analytics is set up on your website, and make sure you know how to login, read and understand the statistics, and receive a handy how-to guide—no matter your website platform. You don’t even have to be a current Levant client to get this awesome, free service! Understanding these statistics can help you streamline your website, and make it more accessible for a wider audience—after all, creating accessible websites is what Levant is all about.

It’s important to know who’s visiting your website and what they value. Call us at 405-329-9997, or email us to get your appointment scheduled today!