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Website Mistakes You Need to Correct ASAP

Ryan Bryant on July 24, 2018

Website Mistakes You Need to Correct ASAP
So what mistakes should you look out for? Here’s a quick checklist:

1. Your website is too text-heavy/contains too much jargon

All businesses have some jargon associated with their industry. However, too many organizations make the mistake of including too much of it on their website, resulting in a site that’s difficult to understand for the layperson. When crafting web content, keep simplicity in mind, and remember that your ultimate goal is to get a client to reach out about your services. If they don’t understand what they’re reading, they’ll move over to your competitor who does have an easy-to-understand website. Simple language is the best way to reach the widest audience.

2. No effort to build SEO

Levant helps our clients develop their search engine optimization by helping to select the right keywords, and by creating semantic content. However, there are steps businesses can take to ensure they’re boosting their own SEO, like curating a blog with useful information to keep readers coming back for more. If your website contains up-to-date information that actually helps people answer their questions, you’re on the right track. But if you’ve got a lot of filler content that doesn’t provide much, then there’s no incentive for site visitors to come back.

3. Your website isn’t mobile responsive

This remains one of the biggest (and most surprising) issues we see with our website clients. The majority of people using the internet these days are doing so via a smartphone or other mobile device, which means that most people access your business websites via their iPhone or Android, too. If your website only caters to those with a desktop computer, you’re inconveniencing a huge number of site visitors by not having a mobile-friendly site and potentially driving people away. With the advent of mobile responsive technology, where websites adapt to the screen on which they’re being viewed, there’s no longer an excuse to have a desktop-only site. To keep your online presence afloat, you must be mobile in 2018.

4. No calls-to-action

You’ve gotten people to visit your website--now what? If you don’t have directions for your site visitors to call your office, send you a message, fill out a contact form, etc., then they have no reason to move forward with your business. As a business, you need to give them a way to access your services. That’s why we work with our clients to put calls-to-action at the forefront of their website, so that your potential clients can interact with you, and ultimately purchase your products or services.

5. It looks ancient

Your website doesn’t have to look like a Geocities site from the 90s to be outdated. Every few years, you should consider a website redesign, as the industry is constantly changing and growing. Just like how the style of fashion or decor changes over time, website design follows a similar path. And if you don’t stay on top of modern web design tactics, you’ll end up with a website that looks dated. A dated-looking website communicates to site visitors that your information--or even the services you provide--are out of date, and out of touch with the needs of a modern audience.

Fixing these mistakes can go a long way when it comes to having a great website. Levant can help you rework your website into something you’re proud to show off. What are you waiting for? Contact us today for a free consultation, and learn how we can help you modernize your online presence.

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