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Is Your Website Secure?

Ryan Bryant on May 18, 2018

Is Your Website Secure?
When you visit a website, you may notice a little lock symbol and an additional S in the website’s URL. When you see a URL that begins with https, that means the website is legitimate, and the data being transmitted is encrypted. Traditionally, encrypted data is important to ensure credit card transactions and other private information, like usernames or passwords, are protected on the web. But now, more and more websites encrypt data and install these certificates on their sites as a rule—according to Google, 81 of the top 100 websites already default to https, and the majority of Chrome’s traffic is encrypted.

Why is this important for your website? Encryption protects your site and its visitors by ensuring no one can spy on you or negatively affect your web traffic. Without the protection of an SSL certificate, there’s a possibility that malware or spyware can be injected into your otherwise legitimate website, causing headaches for you and site visitors alike.

That protective aspect is why Google has encouraged websites to adopt https as a standard for years. In fact, they’ve already been down-ranking unencrypted websites in Google searches since 2015. If you’re worried about your website being marked as “not secure” by the world’s top web browser, we’ve got you covered. Levant can install an SSL certificate on your website to provide that next level of encryption and ensure you aren’t being dinged by Google.

As in any industry, web design constantly grows and changes. This recent push for more security may seem a little annoying in the short term, but it will likely foster a much more secure online experience for everyone going forward. Let us help you get on track—contact Levant today for more information on how we can help secure your website.

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