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  • Don't Cheat Yourself

    Stacy Eads February 22, 2018

    Have you ever heard the phrase, "Every minute I spend with the wrong person, I cheat the right person"? It's a true bit of advice! In your personal life, it might be that boyfriend you're trying to "fix" into husband material (it's not going to happen, ladies...). Or in a business context, it might be that wishy-washy potential client you've been following around and catering to hoping they become a magical unicorn of a sale (bonus points if they sneeze glitter). Just like that bad boyfriend changing his ways, that unicorn sale probably isn't going to happen. » Read Full Article

  • 13 Common Questions at Networking Events

    Stacy Eads February 16, 2018

    Levant Tech employees attend networking events across the country, including Tech on Tap in Chicago all the way to chamber events throughout the OKC metro. As a result, we're all pretty seasoned networkers and we've heard just about every question you can imagine. However, there are a handful of questions we get at just about every single networking event. If you find yourself at a networking event, but you don't know how to best answer the questions coming your way, here are 13 common questions we get, along with a few of our answers. The next time you're networking, prepare some answers to these questions and you'll be raking in new business cards in no time! » Read Full Article

  • Clients We DON'T Want to Work With

    Stacy Eads February 09, 2018

    Yeah, that's right. You aren't seeing things—the headline really did read, "Clients We DON'T Want to Work With." Sometimes, that idea can be shocking to new entrepreneurs or managers who get giddy over every dollar because money coming in means the rent gets paid. But once you've been in an industry for 15 years and have worked with 550 customers on 100 projects every year, you get pretty good at spotting both great customers and not-so-great ones. At a certain point, you have the luxury of putting your values over cash. » Read Full Article

  • Making the Most of Mobile

    Ryan Bryant January 25, 2018

    People really love their smartphones. In fact, odds are you're reading this on your smartphone right now. As of 2016, a majority of people accessed the internet through their mobile device versus a desktop computer. Google also announced most people visiting their site are doing so on a mobile device. 

    What does that mean for you? It means that if you aren't thinking about your web presence with mobile responsiveness in mind, then you've got a tough fight in your future. » Read Full Article

  • Grow with Google OKC

    Chandler Scarbrough December 20, 2017

    As some of you know, Google came to town a couple weeks ago. And Google coming to town is a lot cooler than an old-school medicine man rolling into the town square. A couple of us from Levant were lucky enough to attend the Google conference, which means (lucky for you) we can share what you missed! (But seriously, next time Google is in town, don't miss it. The conference was free and it lasted basically all day with different classes to choose from...so no excuses, guys.) 

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  • Net Neutrality & Why It Matters

    Ryan Bryant November 22, 2017

    Hey Levant Techies! This week, we wanted to reach out to our customers, friends, and family to talk about net neutrality, why it matters, and why losing it can affect the way you use the internet. If you’ve been following the news, you may have heard that the Federal Communications Commission announced their plans to dismantle the net neutrality rules solidified in 2015. 

    What is net neutrality? If you’re unfamiliar, it basically means a neutral, open, and free internet. Net neutrality rules prohibit internet service providers like Comcast, Cox, AT&T, etc. from slowing or stopping access to certain websites, and also prohibits them from charging additional fees for services like HD streaming. Net neutrality supports a vision of the internet as we currently understand it: unrestricted and open, where a website like Google can be accessed with the same speed as a local small business site. » Read Full Article

  • Ten Lives of Johnny Foster

    Ryan Bryant November 17, 2017

    Hey there, Levant Techies! This week, we're going to do something a little different. Typically, we like to write about business books, or share some cool ways to boost your web presence or productivity. However, it's not every day your company's Creative Director writes and publishes a novella! That's why we're going to be talking about a great book, Ten Lives of Johnny Foster, by Levant's own Victor Moyer. » Read Full Article

  • Stay Connected: How Links Can Give You an SEO Advantage

    Ryan Bryant November 10, 2017

    Hey Levant Techies, we're back with another installment of our blog series on SEO. This week, we're looking at the importance of links in generating unique website visits and what you can do to get the upper hand. In another post, we touched briefly on backlinks and how they can help to get new eyes on your site. But this week, we're giving you a few more ideas on generating traffic and ensuring you're giving your customers everything they need to find you online. » Read Full Article

  • Avoiding the Dark Side: White Hat SEO vs. Black Hat SEO

    Ryan Bryant November 03, 2017

    Everybody knows Search Engine Optimization is important for ensuring that your website attracts and engages visitors. SEO is a lot like making art: there are some best practices, rules, and guidelines, but much of the knowledge people have acquired over the years has been the result of experimentation. It's a dynamic process of learning how search engines process information and how to take advantage of algorithms to get the best results possible.

    So what does that have to do with hats? » Read Full Article

  • Say It the Right Way: SEO and Your Website Content

    Ryan Bryant October 13, 2017

    Happy Friday, blog readers! In our ongoing series on Search Engine Optimization, the Levant team's goal has been to inform our readers about the SEO-related topics that often come up in our meetings with clients. Most individuals or companies know SEO is crucial for getting eyes on their website, but implementing a plan without the necessary knowledge can sometimes seem frustrating and overwhelming. That's why this week, we're zeroing in on sprucing up your website content by not only making it informative and interesting, but also writing in such a way that attracts more visitors to your website. » Read Full Article

  • Finding the Right SEO Keywords

    Ryan Bryant September 22, 2017

    How do I come up with good keywords? This is often one of the first questions a client asks the Levant team when we discuss Search Engine Optimization. If you're unfamiliar, keywords are often phrases and not just words, which can be a little confusing. However, they're specific search terms that make it easier for individuals to find your site on Google or other similar search engines. » Read Full Article

  • SEO Tips You Can Implement Today

    Ryan Bryant April 13, 2018

    Every business wants better Google search results—it's just a fact in today's world of immediate online access and tech-based communication. If you have any online presence at all and your goal is to reach new people, the obvious endgame is getting as many eyeballs on your website as possible. That's why we'll be discussing Search Engine Optimization this week, what it is, and a few tricks you can use to get your web presence to work for you. » Read Full Article

  • Your Mornings Can Make the Difference

    Ryan Bryant August 25, 2017

    How you start your morning can affect the entire trajectory of your day. We've all had one of those stressful mornings where you oversleep or your alarm doesn't go off, which results in a panicked rush to get ready and out the door. If that were to happen to you on a daily basis, how would it affect your stress levels and your productivity in the office? You'd likely be a nervous wreck all the time and have trouble getting much work done. Mornings can be a chance to start the day peacefully and productively; many of us just aren't taking advantage of the opportunity. » Read Full Article

  • On Selling: One of the Greats

    Ryan Bryant August 14, 2017

    Make no mistake: sales can be difficult. Some seem naturally inclined to be skilled salespeople—they can talk to others easily, be persuasive and likable, while still getting the end result they’re looking for: a closed deal. But many of these individuals who make it look easy have worked for years to hone their skills to not only get better at sales, but also get better at communicating with others. The key to becoming great at sales isn’t to possess an innate ability—you’ve got to work hard to find a formula or plan that works for you. 

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  • Project Management Pointers, Part 2

    Ryan Bryant August 10, 2017

    Happy Thursday! 

    Back in June, we posted a few pointers for all the project managers in our life via some great blogs. We're back with a few more helpful tips to make your working life a little bit easier. » Read Full Article

  • Remember Your Relationships

    Ryan Bryant July 28, 2017

    With any customer-facing business, quality of service is hugely important. Making sure our customers are taken care of is the most significant part of our day-to-day work here at Levant. And as you can imagine, our project management team looks for inspriation and information from a variety of sources to ensure we're doing the best job possible. One significant resource has been The Art of Client Service: 58 Things Every Advertising & Marketing Professional Should Know by Robert Solomon. Even though he specifically gears the book toward advertising and marketing professionals, he provides some great tips for anyone in sales or those who work directly with their clients. » Read Full Article

  • On Unleashing Your Best Work

    Ryan Bryant July 21, 2017

    One of the big questions many of us face at work is: am I really doing my best? There are always days when you may not feel well, or you may be a little tired or in a bad mood. But what happens if you find yourself slipping into a pattern of lackluster work? How do you recapture your enthusiasm and ensure you’re giving your career 100 percent? 

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  • Book Nook: Some Levant Reading Recommendations

    Ryan Bryant July 11, 2017

    Hey everyone! Over the past few months, we've shared several book reviews and recommendations on our blog. These are books that have helped us both personally and professionally, and in the spirit of helping others grow, we've collected those reviews in one place for your reading pleasure. » Read Full Article

  • Have You Heard About Folk Secrets?

    Levant Technologies July 03, 2017

    Have you heard about Folk Secrets? It’s a new interactive event in which Oklahoma residents are challenged to search for “treasure” using an augmented reality app and Facebook videos as a guide. The treasure in question? $1,000 and the opportunity to award $4,000 to the nonprofit organization of your choosing. 

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  • Helping Others Grow in the Metro

    Levant Technologies June 30, 2017

    Levant works hard to provide cost-affordable value and support to our local community. We provide a 20 percent upfront discount (roughly $500 in savings) on website projects for all 501(c)3 nonprofits, schools, churches, and other not-for-profit entities. Any ongoing requests in the future are also billed with a 20 percent discount at only $78/hour ($20/hr savings) in as little as 30-minute increments. All nonprofit hosting invoices receive a 50 percent ongoing discount ($144/annual repeat savings). 

    Additionally, we have partnered with more than 50 local nonprofits, including Cleveland County Habitat for Humanity, Norman Public School Foundation, Mustang Public Schools Foundation, Oklahoma Deaf and Hard of Hearing Transition Coalition, Loveworks Leadership, Oklahoma Families First Foundation, St. Mark Catholic Church, Toby Keith Foundation, OK Kids Korral, The MORE Foundation, Youth Services for Oklahoma County, WildCare, Norman Forward, Norman Chamber of Commerce, Norman Economic Development Authority, and Sooner Theatre.

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