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  • Not Mobile Responsive? Google Will Ghost You in 2018

    Levant Technologies April 27, 2018

    It's IMPERATIVE that all small-business owners are educated ASAP before Google ghosts you in 2018. » Read Full Article

  • Take Control of Your Customer Experience

    Ryan Bryant April 27, 2018

    If you’re a business owner, your visibility online is crucial for success. There’s no getting around it—the internet is here to stay, and it has completely changed the way everyone does business. The old days of flipping through the Yellow Pages are dead and gone. Now? If the online information for your business isn’t detailed or accurate, you’re going to lose out to your competitor who does have a curated online presence. » Read Full Article

  • Humans vs. Technology

    Stacy Eads April 12, 2018

    We live in an age where artificial intelligence has moved from the big screen, with actors like Will Smith fighting super-intelligent robots, right into the living rooms of stay-at-home moms asking Alexa or Google for the latest recipe. Although we haven’t quite advanced to living Star Trek or Jetson’s-like lifestyles yet, the rapid pace of progression has businesses and people thinking about humans versus technology. » Read Full Article

  • Events to Help Others Grow

    Levant Technologies March 26, 2018

    Have you been looking for opportunities to grow your business? Feeling like you’re in a slump and need a little career caffeine? Here are some upcoming events featuring our fearless leader and CEO, Stacy Eads, to ensure you’re at the top of your game when it comes to marketing, career growth, and developing your business in ways you never thought possible! Runs from 9:30 - 11:00 am. » Read Full Article

  • Let Levant Put Your Business on the Map

    Levant Technologies March 23, 2018

    Having inaccurate online listings is one of the biggest problems a business owner can face. There are dozens of online platforms (some you may not even know about!) that could be misrepresenting your address, website, phone number, or other information crucial to your clientele. » Read Full Article

  • Our Awesome Employees!

    Levant Technologies March 23, 2018

    We Levant Techies are super proud of our team. Not only are they excellent at their jobs, but they also remain heavily involved in our community, whether that’s growing professionally with business-based organizations or helping the less fortunate by volunteering with nonprofit organizations. Below, we want to showcase some of the Levant Tech team’s recent achievements. » Read Full Article

  • Wash with Laughter. Dry with Empathy.

    Stacy Eads March 23, 2018

    Lee Cockerell wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. As a major senior advisor of the Walt Disney World mega-franchise up until his retirement, it would be easy to assume otherwise. However, he started life on a small dairy farm in Oklahoma, and had no indoor plumbing until he reached the 4th grade. Later, he went to Oklahoma State University for two years before dropping out to join the U.S. Army. » Read Full Article

  • No Holds Barred Tulsa Talk

    Stacy Eads March 16, 2018

    In 2017, two of our Mickey Mouse-obsessed staffers met their icon, Lee Cockerell. Our team was honored to be invited to attend an exclusive event held by the Young Professionals of Tulsa to hear this world-renowned, published author. As the former Executive Vice President of Operations for the Walt Disney World Resort, Mr. Cockerell retired in 2006, and has since penned multiple books on managerial leadership, customer experience, and much more. Feel free to check out his podcast to learn more. » Read Full Article

  • Purpose-Driven: Curiosity + Service = Impact

    Stacy Eads March 19, 2018

    Purpose is personal. How to live and work in your purpose is a personal journey that you must discover. This was the core theory behind a 2018 speaker series called Leadercast that Levant Technologies attended at the Rose State College Innovation Station women’s event.

    » Read Full Article

  • Purpose-Driven: Recovering Perfectionist

    Stacy Eads March 15, 2018

    Neeta Bhushan is an emotional intelligence advocate who recently spoke at the Leadercast Women’s series for the Rose State Innovation Station in downtown Oklahoma City. She caught my attention right away by describing herself as a Recovering Perfectionist. “YES! This is my girl – I have GOT to hear this message,” I thought. » Read Full Article

  • Purpose-Driven: Do You Have a Compass?

    Stacy Eads March 15, 2018

    There are dozens of books that reference the Southwest Airlines “Wheels Up” strategy, as well as their overall positive company culture. Everyone who has researched leadership, corporate values, vision, mission structures, and business strategy are familiar with many of the stories that make Southwest Airlines a great business example. Yet, how often do you get a chance to hear those stories straight from the source? » Read Full Article

  • Purpose-Driven: Being Authentic

    Stacy Eads March 15, 2018

    When I say the word "authentic" – what do you think of? Something must come to mind: an authentic Mexican hand-woven blanket, an authenticated document, the authentic cuisine at your favorite local restaurant run by individuals who cherish the family recipes that have been passed down over generations… » Read Full Article

  • Purpose-Driven: Think 168 Hours Not 24

    Stacy Eads March 15, 2018

    Laura Vanderkam is the best-selling author of several time management and productivity books, including I Know How She Does It and 168 Hours. » Read Full Article

  • Purpose-Driven: The Purpose Monster

    Chandler Scarbrough March 15, 2018

    Have you ever had the feeling that you’re missing something? That no matter how hard you work, keep up with your bills, and read self-improvement articles, you’re slacking in some area of your life? To me, it feels like a tiny, relentless monster has started poking my insides. Then he scratches. At some point, this little monster reminds me that he isn’t being fed, and he isn’t putting up with that anymore. 

    This monster's name is Purpose. » Read Full Article

  • Purpose-Driven: Is Joy a Bad Word?

    Stacy Eads March 15, 2018

    Shabnam Mogharabi is CEO at SoulPancake, an award-winning entertainment company founded by actor Rainn Wilson, that “chews on life’s big questions.” I bet you’ve all seen a SoulPancake video shared on social media, even if you don’t recognize the brand name behind it. Their videos spread joy and celebrate the human experience by producing uplifting video content on TV and online. Shabnam recently shined on stage at Leadercast Women OKC, where our Levant Tech staffers were able to encapsulate her Five Tips for Harnessing the Power of Joy! » Read Full Article

  • Purpose-Driven: Chase Your Rainbow

    Stacy Eads March 15, 2018

    Mama Jan Smith once dreamed of earning a Grammy as a child, but as she worked in the industry, she discovered that her dream was bigger than she was. Chasing her rainbow meant shining a bright spotlight on others, not on herself. She has gone on to become one of the world’s premier vocal producers and an instructor to the likes of Usher, Justin Bieber, Drake, Rob Thomas, and many more. Billboard has even named her one of the top 100 women in the music business. WOW! » Read Full Article

  • Purpose-Driven: I Was Born

    Stacy Eads March 15, 2018

    I was born to be an answer to a question. I was born to be the solution to a problem.” – Dr. Bernice A. King

    Standing on stage under the bright lights of Leadercast, I felt the power of her family legacy the minute Bernice brought the microphone to her lips. As she channeled the inspiration of Dr. Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King, I sat in the audience in awe of a family who has truly made a deep, meaningful impact on society at large. I was ready to soak it in.

    » Read Full Article

  • Experience + Travel = 10x

    Stacy Eads March 09, 2018

    Recently, members of the Levant Technologies team were able to attend an exclusive event held by the Young Professionals of Tulsa. This event showcased world-renowned published author Lee Cockerell; you may know Mr. Cockerell as the former Executive Vice President of Operations for the Walt Disney World Resort. He retired in 2006, and now dedicates his time to public speaking, authoring multiple books on leadership, customer service, and much more. Feel free to check out his audio book series to learn more! » Read Full Article

  • Be Interesting! Be Interested! A How-To Guide for One-to-One Meetings

    Stacy Eads March 02, 2018

    If you're an official member of Business Network International (BNI), you likely refer to meetings with other individuals as "one-to-one" meetings. If you're a member of the Business to Business community of sales professionals, you may call them "coffee chats"—whatever you call them, they all carry one rule: Be interesting! Be interested! » Read Full Article

  • Is It Time to Update Your Website?

    Ryan Bryant February 22, 2018

    If you're considering a website update, you aren't alone. Each year, Levant typically launches over 100 websites. While some of those clients are brand new, many are returning customers looking to spruce up their existing site, or include some new functionality to help grow their business and reach a larger audience. 

    When's the last time you gave your website an honest look? If it's been a few years since your last update, it might be time to put a fresh coat of paint on your business's digital front door. » Read Full Article

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