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  • How to Accept Change More Gracefully

    Stacy Eads January 08, 2019

    In an age of disruption, every industry is seeing rapid-pace change knocking at their doorstep. Some change comes with a polite ring of the doorbell, and other change comes straight through the doorway with a wrecking ball. Recently, an article titled “How to get Better at Change” was referred to me. Here’s my recap of the 6 Ways to Accept Change More Gracefully in 2019. » Read Full Article

  • Want a Trustworthy Business? Prove It with Your Website

    Ryan Bryant September 27, 2018

    It's a safe bet that the majority of business owners want to be viewed as trustworthy. With all the competition out there, having a clientele that values your business's ability to do the right thing is crucial for not only growing your organization, but also for retaining your best clients. At some point, you've no doubt worked with a business that left you wishing for more, or made you feel misled or lied to. How can you make sure your clients avoid that negative experience? Start with great web design. » Read Full Article

  • You've Got a New Website. Now What?

    Ryan Bryant September 27, 2018

    You registered a domain, watched some YouTube videos on web design, and over the course of a few months, you cobbled a site together that you’re pretty proud of. Or maybe you hired a firm to build it for you, and you’ve got a beautiful online landing page for your brand. The problem? Nobody is visiting it. » Read Full Article

  • Do You Really Need All Those Features?

    Ryan Bryant September 25, 2018

    Many web design companies love to showcase all the fancy features they can put on your new website. Sure, those moving images might look cool, and that super bright color scheme might stand out compared to your competitors, but are the extra bells and whistles really doing you any favors? » Read Full Article

  • Looking for Logo Design?

    Ryan Bryant September 26, 2018

    While you may associate Levant mostly with websites, did you know that we provide a ton of other services? One of our most in-demand services is designing new logos for businesses. Finding the right logo for your business can be intimidating. After all, it’s one of the first things an individual will associate with your brand, so you want it to be both memorable and aesthetically pleasing. » Read Full Article

  • Boost Your Business with New Cards

    Ryan Bryant August 22, 2018

    Take advantage of this August-only deal while you still can! Get 1,000 professionally designed business cards WITH card design and shipping/delivery for only $100. These are full-color, double-sided cards—your choice between glossy or matte finish. » Read Full Article

  • Google Analytics: Who’s Visiting Your Website?

    Ryan Bryant August 22, 2018

    If you’ve got a website, then you’ve likely heard of Google Analytics. This excellent tool allows you to keep track of just about any statistic you can think of when it comes to your website, including how long visitors are on your website, where they’re visiting from, which pages they’re looking at, and so much more. » Read Full Article

  • What to Know to Redesign Your Website

    Ryan Bryant August 21, 2018

    Redesigning a website can be a serious undertaking. A website may already be established with a lot of people invested in its quality and success (especially the client). If a website has already made strides when it comes to brand recognition and search engine optimization, a redesign can sometimes be viewed as unwelcome interference. » Read Full Article

  • Want Better Results? Multitask Less

    Ryan Bryant August 22, 2018

    The modern world is a disruptive place, and it requires a lot from all of us. Under a constant barrage of emails, texts, and all-hours calls from clients, it can be tempting to try to juggle as many tasks as possible. But what happens when your work begins to suffer because of it? » Read Full Article

  • Website Content Matters

    Ryan Bryant August 21, 2018

    If you’ve got a website, there’s a good chance you’ve written some of the content. It’s no easy process—ensuring that your writing is not only clear and concise, but also engaging and SEO-friendly, can be maddening. That’s why we’ve put together a few pointers for those of you working hard to create a website that reads beautifully and provides value to your site visitors. » Read Full Article

  • If You Build It, They Will Come

    Stacy Eads August 08, 2018

    In December 2017, I set a goal, wrote it down, and told the world:
    "I want to double my speaking bookings in 2018."

    A simple, short, one sentence LinkedIn post, and boom! My little world of connections fully delivered as though I was on the Field of Dreams movie set with the echoes of 'If you build it... they will come.' Just 26 weeks into the year, and I've already booked more than 30 speaking circuits. There's no slowing down in sight. » Read Full Article

  • Build In Space

    Stacy Eads July 30, 2018

    Recently, one of my hottest speeches has been a workshop titled "How to Make Your To-Do List Work FOR You, NOT AGAINST You." In these sessions with local leadership teams, I teach a lot of the theories we've covered before in this complimentary blog where author Laura Vanderkam's book, 168 Hours, is explored in depth. » Read Full Article

  • Website Mistakes You Need to Correct ASAP

    Ryan Bryant July 24, 2018

    Most business owners understand that a website is a necessity in 2018. However, not all websites are created equal. If you’ve got a dated website that lacks important functionalities, or one that was built without certain modern specifications in mind, you could be missing out on crucial site visits to help grow your business. » Read Full Article

  • Benefits of Revamping Your Website Today

    Ryan Bryant July 26, 2018

    Each year, technology develops at a breakneck pace--a can’t-miss smartphone comes out, or a new operating system grows in popularity. This type of gradual change is no different when it comes to your website. Web design companies like Levant work hard to keep up with industry trends so we can better serve our clients, and ensure your website follows high standards set by the world’s best web designers and SEO experts.

    To keep up with your competitors, we recommend refreshing your website every three to five years. Here are a few reasons why you’re probably due for an online overhaul: » Read Full Article

  • Managing Online Reviews

    Ryan Bryant July 25, 2018

    Does your business have negative reviews online? Did you know that you could have a negative review and not even realize it? Nowadays, there are so many review sites, it can be hard to keep up. That’s why we offer review management, where we can help you keep track of your online write-ups, and help you work to generate more positive online information for your business. » Read Full Article

  • 50 Women Making a Difference

    Ryan Bryant July 23, 2018

    A big congratulations to our fearless leader and CEO, Stacy Eads, for her (second-time!) recognition by the Journal Record as one of the “50 Making a Difference.” The Journal Record’s Woman of the Year program recognizes women who “epitomize leadership in both their professional endeavors and in the communities where they live.” » Read Full Article

  • Keeping Your Website Secure in 2018

    Ryan Bryant June 11, 2018

    Starting in July, Google Chrome will begin penalizing websites without certain security features. If you’re like most of our clients, you may be wondering exactly what sort of security features Chrome requires. There’s really only one thing you need to consider to avoid dealing with any penalties: install an SSL certificate on your website. » Read Full Article

  • GDPR: What Is It, and What Should I Know?

    Ryan Bryant June 11, 2018

    Have you noticed an uptick in Privacy Policy-related emails in your inbox lately? This onslaught of emails is due to some new regulations passed by the European Union called the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. And, as a result, our clients have been asking, “Does my small Oklahoma company really need to be GDPR compliant?” Don’t let acronym overload overwhelm you; we’re here to help. If you collect email addresses, use e-newsletters, or sales systems that submit unsolicited lead generation, you should read this! » Read Full Article

  • Dear Loyal Customer

    Levant Technologies June 06, 2018

    We’ve been in business now for 14 years, and we’re entering our 15th year of providing local, custom website design, mobile development, and internet marketing for upwards of 550 wonderful clients. We thank you for being a part of our incredible journey to date.

    » Read Full Article

  • Is Your Website Secure?

    Ryan Bryant May 18, 2018

    Have you heard? Starting in July, Google Chrome will begin marking all websites without an SSL certificate as “not secure.” If you’re like most people, your first question may be, “What is an SSL certificate anyway?” » Read Full Article

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