Responsive Mobile Sites and Mobile Websites in Oklahoma

Mobile Sites

Did you know Google wants your website to be mobile friendly?
When Google speaks, we listen! We offer mobile friendly websites to all our custom design clients.

How Does Mobile Work?

The website can tell if a user is coming from a laptop/computer versus a Smartphone. If the user accesses the main website URL ( via a Smartphone (iPhone or Android), they will be immediately routed to the mobile-friendly version we will build for you. Yes, the world of tech does know whether you're accessing a website with an iPhone, iPad, laptop, or desktop PC. Creepy? Probably. Helpful? YES!

What is Responsive Mobile Design?
Responsive web design refers to the latest techniques we can employ to ensure your website functions across a wide array of Smartphone devices, both Android and Apple-based iPhone products. Essentially, a responsive website detects the screen size of the device it’s being viewed from, then displays the mobile-design template appropriate for that device.

What are the Benefits?

  1. Your website design and content works seamlessly across multiple Smartphone device sizes
  2. Make content changes in your Levant CMS once, and the results are changed automatically on the mobile version, as well
  3. Give your customers a better mobile experience – most Americans can’t live without their mobile phone
  4. Google recommends it, and your company will rank higher in mobile searches from a Smartphone
  5. You do NOT have to purchase any extra .mobi domains or incur extra mobile URL expenses at all

One-Touch Calling & Mapping

The mobile layout will be based on the website design for your desktop site. It will follow current best-practices, including tap-to-drop down menu functionality. All phone numbers are tap-to-call, and all addresses are tap-to-map. One touch, and your clients can call, email, or map you instantly! All content present on the desktop site will be visible on the mobile site.

Want to hear the Techy Geek Speak?
Seriously, you aren't bored yet? Okay - here's the Techy Geek Speak: Each custom designed layout will be installed within “mobile responsive” bootstrap techniques that allow your Responsive Website to be seen on any device size or shape fluidly – such as iPad, iPad mini, Android Tablet, Desktop monitors for Mac and PC, Smartphone, iPhone 4, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6s, 6+, as well as Blackberry Internet browser.