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Humans vs. Technology

Stacy Eads on April 12, 2018

Humans vs. Technology
We live in an age where artificial intelligence has moved from the big screen, with actors like Will Smith fighting super-intelligent robots, right into the living rooms of stay-at-home moms asking Alexa or Google for the latest recipe. Although we haven’t quite advanced to living Star Trek or Jetson’s-like lifestyles yet, the rapid pace of progression has businesses and people thinking about humans versus technology.

How do we deploy technology in a way that’s truly useful, not just cool for cool’s sake? Will the future of job automation, machine learning, and AI send unemployment rates skyrocketing someday? There are many questions. And everyone seems to have a different answer based on their industry or their spot on the globe.

When the Levant Technologies staff was able to talk with critically-acclaimed author Lee Cockerell at a Tulsa Young Professionals event in 2017, he offered his take on humans vs. technology from the perspective of the Disney customer experience, as well as the perspective of hotel hospitality.

He believes humans will always be best utilized and needed for tasks surrounding words like: issue, problem, reputation, speaker’s bureau, networking, and prospecting. Yet he sees where technology is presently or will soon be used for tasks surrounding things like: automation, self-help, FAQ, information readily available, how-to guides, and social marketing delivery methods.

As a technology-based company, Levant will always need Humans:

• Our Creative Director has designed over 600 websites in his career, layer by layer, in Photoshop. Each one is made to specification according to the client’s needs and their audience. Although technology has brought template-based web design to our industry, we have not adopted that technique here at our boutique design shop.

• Our CSS, HTML, and PHP team of programming experts are needed to code each website plugin to perfection. Of course, we know our industry has “off-the-shelf” plug and play template-based code for websites these days. But in our 14 years of expertise, we've honed the craft on a different level. Clients come to us when the cookie-cutter blog plugin from a pay-per-month software no longer offers them everything they need. They’ve outgrown what the Jones’ are using and need something customized like a tailored piece of clothing that fits perfectly.

• Our Project Managers are always needed. While social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are technology-based resources to help us reach out and communicate with others, nothing replaces face-to-face interaction like networking and sales prospecting. We enjoy showing up to local Chamber events and remaining an active part of the community.

The bottom line for us is that while we use technology as a tool to help deliver our services, it is the human touch that drives our usage of technology in a unique way. After all, when you call yourself a Creative Agency—where’s the “Creativity” in AI? Oh, it’s coming to a market near you soon, I’m sure—but for now, we’ll stick with how well the human mind can imagine, create, visualize, and fashion a set of unique solutions for your web-based problems.

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