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Not Mobile Responsive? Google Will Ghost You in 2018

Levant Technologies on April 27, 2018

Not Mobile Responsive? Google Will Ghost You in 2018
It's IMPERATIVE that all small-business owners are educated ASAP before Google ghosts you in 2018.

Google has openly shown preferential treatment in their search algorithm for websites that utilize mobile-responsive technology. But in Spring 2018, they announced a total demolition of desktop-only search. What on Earth does that mean for you?

It's huge news! If you want eyeballs on your site in 2018 and beyond, you CANNOT stay in the past; you can't only have a desktop-sized website.

Google has blown past you and won't slow down. Even though nostalgia is huge right now, and all our favorite shows from the past are getting reboots, the comic books we read as kids are now on the silver screen, and decades-old fashion trends are making their way back to the mainstream, one thing that shouldn’t look to the past is your website.

To put it simply, a mobile-responsive website is one that adapts to the site visitor's screen size. For example, if you're looking at a responsive site on an iPhone or Android, you'll likely notice that the layout looks a little different from the desktop version. The navigation topics at the top of the page might now be in a list form under a hamburger button (three horizontal lines), or some of the images may have shifted a bit to better fit your screen. This is done to ensure that your website looks as great as possible on any device.

You’ve likely been navigating a site on your smartphone only to realize that to see any of the information, you have to pinch and drag and tap to see the text. This is incredibly annoying and acts as a perfect example of an unresponsive site. Gone are the days when you have to build a separate mobile website. Now, with responsive website design techniques, your website can look great on any device and save your site’s visitors the headache of playing the tap and drag game.

The hard truth is, if your site visitors have to waste time pinching and dragging to see the information they want to see, they’ll move on and find a website that’s easier to navigate. Also, it’s important to note that Google shows preferential treatment in their search algorithm for websites that utilize mobile responsive technology, which is huge if you want eyeballs on your site.

Is your website outdated? Not mobile-friendly? Contact us today for a free consultation, and let us bring your web presence into 2018 and beyond.

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