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The Style of Influence

Style of Influence website on March 26, 2018

The Style of Influence
“The members of the Levant team have been great partners in the successful re-creation of our web presence,” said Tom Hunt, Region Vice President for iDynamx, the parent organization of the SOI. “We stepped into the working relationship with Levant knowing well that, as a client, we are not the experts in web design or user experience. We simply didn’t know what we didn’t know.”

Levant worked with the SOI to not only overhaul the look of their website, but also rewrite content and create a new site layout that is easy and intuitive to navigate. Additionally, the SOI team worked closely with us to ensure the site was the best fit for their organization.

“We selected Levant because of their ability to shepherd every client, regardless of their industry and experience, through the very iterative process,” said Hunt. “While it’s possible that their competitors could have created a web presence that rivals their technical achievement, I believe their ‘client-first’ commitment to service places them at the top of any list!”

Levant helped the SOI develop detailed information on the SOI assessment, how it works, and how to implement it to a larger audience. Additionally, our programming team worked closely with the SOI to develop their online assessment and ensure it was delivering the best, most accurate results every time. With the launch of their new site in 2018, the SOI is looking forward to increased engagement and a happier clientele thanks in part to their online upgrade.

“We love the fresh look, as well as the navigational ease experienced in our new site. They knocked it out of the park!”

For more information on the Style of Influence, please visit their website at www.thesoi.com

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