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SchoolSafeID Website and System on August 15, 2017

"What is a visitor management system?" you might be asking yourself. It's a helpful way to keep track of individuals entering or leaving a building. In the case of SchoolSafeID, the focus is on assisting school districts throughout the state to better protect against sex offenders entering school property. With the SchoolSafeID system, visitors must scan the barcode on the back of a valid, state-issued ID, which is then checked against the national sex offender registry. It's an extra safeguard in ensuring the safety of our kids while they learn and grow into productive adults.

"I've really enjoyed working with the development team at Levant Technologies," said Bart Baker, founder and CEO of SchoolSafeID. "They only hire the best programmers and project managers. Designing and implementing a product like SchoolSafe is extremely difficult, but they've got the experience and patience I needed for a project this large."

In addition to visitor management, SchoolSafeID also helps school design and print student/faculty IDs on the fly, speeding up the ID creation process and making life easier for teachers and administrators, especially regarding students with a penchant for misplacing their IDs.

"As the CEO of an Oklahoma tech company, it's an honor to work on a project that will increase the safety of our local schools," said Levant Tech CEO Stacy Eads. "I was born and raised here. All my friends have school-age children who deserve to be kept as safe as possible while they're learning. It's exciting to see these schools embrace tech advancements to increase safety."

Baker is excited for the future of the SchoolSafeID project and the Levant team is more than happy to help him along the way.

"We fully expect to be the leading provider of student and visitor management in the coming years," he said. "And I owe a lot of credit to the developers and coders at Levant." 
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