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Norman Chamber of Commerce

Norman Chamber of Commerce Website on January 08, 2016

Norman Chamber of Commerce
"We had a great experience with Levant," said Kyla McMoran, VP of Communication. "They were very responsive to our design requests and worked quickly to get our new site launched."

Since the Norman Chamber of Commerce website is utilized by a variety of people within the Norman, Oklahoma community and beyond, the website appeals to a wide audience of local businesses, metro residents, and Norman visitors. The website has Norman events in the calendar, business news among their posted articles, a Chamber member directory, and information on their various programs. The "About Norman" section of the website even serves as a relocation resource to new members moving to the Norman, OK community.

Beyond the site planning and beautiful design, the Norman Chamber's favorite part of their Levant website is their simple, easy content management system that worked for the entire organization.

"As VP of Communication, I am often in charge of updating the site," McMoran said. "These features on the website help sell the Chamber as a good membership organization and Norman as a place to live. Having an updated and responsive site helps us connect with the Norman community and the content management system Levant built is very easy to navigate."

Levant's website content management system was customized to perfectly fit the staff needs. It was a huge help for the Norman Chamber, allowing them to easily update their web content at a moment's notice. This, in conjunction with an updated site plan, has helped the organization continue to serve Norman with information, programs, events, and opportunities for Oklahoma business development.

We are proud members of the Norman community for over 12 years, and Levant Technologies proudly supports the Norman Chamber. For more information, visit the Norman Chamber of Commerce at www.normanchamber.com 

Norman Chamber of Commerce Website - Before

Norman Chamber of Commerce Website - Now
Norman Chamber Site - After
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