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Faith Security and Automation Services

Website on June 11, 2018

Faith Security and Automation Services
A strong online presence with a local bent is exactly what Faith Security and Automation Systems had in mind when they approached Levant Technologies about designing their new website.

“Personal branding was really important to me,” said business owner Theresa Boyll. “I work within a large brand (ADT), but I wanted to make sure my personal, local branding still had a place on the website. Levant absolutely helped us achieve that.”

Theresa said that she had a vision for her site—something streamlined and professional, which showcased her company’s services and background—but struggled to articulate it. That is, until she had her kickoff meeting with Levant.

“We all know we’ve got to have an online presence,” she said. “But it can be kind of scary and intimidating to most people. At first, I went the route of trying to do it myself, but I should have just bypassed that step, and went straight to the people who know what they’re doing. Levant looked at the information I gave them, and figured out exactly the kind of website I was looking for. Overall, I’m very happy with the new site.”

With the new website now up and running, Theresa hopes the shiny new look and updated SEO will help her reach a wider audience in the Oklahoma City market. She takes security solutions seriously, and loves working in OKC to help keep our community safe and secure.

“Ryan and Victor were awesome and easy to work with. The Levant team kept me on task, and were quick with solutions to problems. I wanted a high level of professionalism on this project, so I needed a website that wasn’t just another template. And thanks to Levant Technologies, we definitely achieved our goals.”

For more information on Theresa and Faith Security, or to contact them about their security and automation services, check out their new website here!

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