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Executive Women International - Oklahoma City

EWI OKC Website on May 21, 2018

Executive Women International - Oklahoma City
If you aren’t familiar, EWI is a global women’s organization focusing on connections, careers, and community. They do a lot of great work for Oklahoma City: they enhance professional development, provide scholarships, promote literacy initiatives, and many other excellent philanthropic projects to better our hometown.

When EWI approached Levant, they were looking for an easy-to-navigate site that made it simple for prospective members to understand and join the organization. They also sought to highlight members in a way that boosted traffic to their respective websites.

“From the initial conversation, Stacy and Kara took the time to truly understand what I wanted in a new website for our organization,” Christine Laird, EWI OKC’s president, said. “I absolutely feel that our goals have been achieved, primarily because the time was taken by the Levant team to understand what our desires were, and even take a step further at times to suggest things we didn’t know we needed,” Christine said. “I feel very confident in the site’s new design. It’s crisp, clean, easy to navigate, and highlights not only EWI but Oklahoma City.”

Highlighting this national organization while staying true to OKC was one of the primary goals of our creative director, Victor Moyer, when designing the look of the site.

“When I met with Christine, I felt a lot of passion and energy in her work for EWI,” Victor said. “We talked a lot about the color and vibe she wanted to go for, and we agreed that a clean, white, business-centric site would be good. But we wanted to bring in bold, bright colors to accent three main prongs of their service offerings. I also wanted to tie into the branding of the national organization, but in a way unique to the OKC branch. I utilized the purple hexagon pattern, but in a different and dynamic way.”

Christine said that she had never worked with a web design company in the past, so she wasn’t sure what to expect. “This is my first time working with a company like Levant, and I would never look anywhere else to have a website designed,” she said. “We’ve received nothing but positive feedback from our Board and the body of our membership. We’re so proud of it!”

A website is your organization’s digital front door and a strong web presence is crucial for success in 2018. If you’d like to learn more about Levant and our services, contact us today and let us help you grow! And please check out EWI’s new website at http://www.ewiokcchapter.org/

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