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Wynn Construction

Wynn Construction Website on April 25, 2018

Wynn Construction
Wynn Construction wanted their website to look and feel modern, with design elements containing movement to keep it interesting. This functionality was totally customized by our design and programming teams to ensure the Wynn site stood out from their competition, while giving their website a fresh look and sitemap. Now, the Wynn team can show off their projects in a unique way by providing a customized, easy-to-navigate area for potential clients to view their past work.

“Our major goal was to create a modern site with different features,” said Tyler Bahner, Wynn’s accountant. “We are super excited to see how the side-scrolling came out. It was a unique component Levant had not done before, and they mastered the concept!”

After our initial meeting with the Wynn team, we wanted to develop a website that showcased exactly what Wynn Construction was all about while keeping things functional and interesting to look at. According to Tyler, the Levant team helped them to realize their goals, even if the goals changed a bit throughout the process.

“As anyone knows going through this process, sometimes your mind changes once something has been created,” Tyler said. “Victor [Levant’s Creative Director] had nothing but patience during those moments, and really stuck to the goal of making a great site. We’re in love with our new website! We were so excited to do a launch to our customers and contractors, and we loved hearing the awesome feedback.”

This was Wynn Construction’s second time using Levant’s website services. We love our repeat customers, especially when they’re willing to experiment and have fun with the web-design process. The Wynn team let us flex our creative muscles, while guiding our work to ensure it was a good fit for their customers and contractors. In the end, the Wynn team is happy, as are their clients and contractors, who can not only look at completed past work, but log in to a password protected area for projects in-process.

“From our first meeting with Victor, we knew we were in good hands. He understood the things we didn’t want, and he had full confidence in his team to create what we did want. We knew Levant was capable of doing what we wanted, so we went back when it was time for a complete makeover. We would absolutely recommend the Levant Tech team!”

Check out the new Wynn Construction website at www.wynnconstruction.com

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