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Say It the Right Way: SEO and Your Website Content

Levant Technologies on October 13, 2017

Say It the Right Way: SEO and Your Website Content
Happy Friday, Levant Techies! In our ongoing blog series on Search Engine Optimization, the Levant team's goal is to inform our readers about SEO-related topics that often come up in meetings with clients. Most individuals or companies know SEO is crucial for getting eyes on their website, but implementing it without the necessary knowledge can sometimes seem frustrating and overwhelming. That's why this week, we're talking about sprucing up your website content by not only making it informative and interesting, but also writing in such a way that attracts more visitors to your website.

When it comes to the actual text on your website, one of the best strategies is to develop semantic content. Semantic content development is the act of tailoring your website content to Google's algorithm so that it matches the searcher's specific intent, rather than just the ideal keywords. In other words, in addition to considering the keywords and phrases that might bring people to your website, you should also think about the questions people may ask that could lead them there. 

In the past, a Google search would give you results based solely on text and keywords. Essentially, it was providing you with a "best guess" as to what you may have searched for. As Google developed over the years, it began to explore the relationships between words, how they work together, and what it all means in context. 

So what does this mean for the average website owner? It means that to rank higher, you have to work smarter. A perk of this uptick in Google's intelligence is that websites are no longer solely focused on keywords as far as SEO is concerned. Now that the algorithm is getting smart enough to interpret searcher intent and context, you can take advantage of resources like Keyword Tool, which is excellent for developing SEO keywords and especially for finding out specific related search terms your potential site visitors are making. For example, let's say you're developing a website for an Oklahoma landscaping company. One of the first search phrases you'd likely consider would simply be "Oklahoma landscaper." When that phrase is placed in the Keyword Tool, there are a whopping 115 related searches people have made. 

So what do I do with these new search terms?

Take advantage of the semantic content value and include these "key phrases" in your website's body content! If you use these phrases and organize them to naturally flow as a part of your site's written content, people looking for those key phrases will be more likely to find your website and stick around to read the content. It's important to note that these keywords must be included in your content in a natural way. Filling your site with contextless keywords is known as keyword stuffing and can result in your website getting penalized by Google. The ultimate goal should be to provide helpful, quality information to visitors of your website.

Keep coming back for more info on SEO and other web-related topics to keep you at the top of your game. Want more info on Levant and how we can help boost your business? Take a look at our services and find out why we're a perfect fit for your web needs. Until next time!
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