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Helping Others Grow: Nonprofit Partnerships

Levant Technologies on June 07, 2017

Helping Others Grow: Nonprofit Partnerships

Back in April, we announced that we were partnering with Luggage with Love, a Norman-based nonprofit that works to support foster children as they transition to a placement family by providing them with clothing and personal hygiene items to make life a little easier amid an incredibly difficult time. We asked members of our community to help us raise money for a clothing drive to support the kids assisted by this great organization and, as always, our friends, family, colleagues, and contacts didn’t disappoint. We received $500 in personal cash donations!

As a result, our CEO Stacy Eads was able to purchase hundreds of outfits to assist these children and help to provide their foster families with much needed support to ensure the children have everything they need to lead happy, successful lives. This is one of the greatest examples of what we mean when we talk about helping others grow around the office: it isn’t only about growing businesses or doing favors for people—it’s also about doing what we can to help those in need and supporting the organizations that work daily to provide resources and solutions for individuals and families enduring hardships.

We view it as a privilege to serve our community in this way. We plan to continue with our nonprofit partnerships in the future and we encourage all you Levant Techies out there to get involved in what’s going on throughout the city and state. Not only will you find opportunities to help those in need, you’ll feel great doing it!

For more information on Luggage with Love, please visit their website at www.luggagewithlove-ok.org    

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