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Supporting YOUR Staff THEIR Way

Levant Technologies on June 09, 2017

Supporting YOUR Staff THEIR Way
Recently at the office, we were completing an online form and came across a unique question: How do your human resource practices recognize or support staff opportunities for personal growth among the team? WOW. We hadn’t thought of it that way. We simply thought of our inner-office motto, Help Others Grow, as relating to our customers' growth via new marketing strategies, or our internal staff growing their skillset or spreading their wings in their respecitve positions.

At Levant, our employees are treated like family. We have the typical group birthday cards and lunches out of the office. We get hand-written thank you cards each Christmas direct from the CEO with specific qualities she respected about us all year.

Our employees feel valued when at the drop of hat, when we’re all feeling the pressure of 550+ clients looming down on us, that we take a quick break for a daytime movie at the Warren, or a virtual reality team outing at Sooner Mall. We’ve even had the entire family out to Top Golf and the OKC Dodgers baseball games several times. We even dressed up at Halloween for a silly group outing to mini golf.

Levant shows their employees that when you work hard, you play hard too. Our flex schedule and team activities always help our staff feel bonded and supported.

We also recognize that deep-rooted passion and creativity need to peek its head out from within the employee’s soul from time to time, and not at the management’s directive. As a result, our Moore, Oklahoma Custom Programming Project Manager, who enjoys design on the side, has the software tools she needs to create her own minimal mock-ups from time to time to visually express what a client has explained verbally in her meetings, rather than relying solely on the Creative Director for those designs like the rest of the team.

Our Chicago-based website project manager has a background in journalism, so he helped to create and develop our website content writing and client interview techniques, which have taken us to a new level in helping customers get launched faster.

Our Norman, Oklahoma Business Development Director spawned a side hobby of photography, which led to him taking free client headshots for fun throughout 2016. Now in 2017, he’s found a way to monetize his passion into Levant's offered services. Soon, he’ll be headed to New York for a week-long intensive training from a top expert on headshot photography.

Our newest member to the team has written a novel and studied professional writing at the University of Oklahoma. As a result, her love of all things grammar and paperback have allowed her to flourish as a Levant blogger for business book reports.

What can you do to help support your team’s talents, hobbies, and outside-work interests?

Are they in a band? Go out of your way to watch them play live.
Do their children love art? Google a few children’s artwork contests your employee can enter.
Are they huge sports fans? Take them and their spouse to a Thunder or Dodgers game soon.
Are they getting married soon? Throw an office bridal shower.
Upcoming birthday? Slip a $20 bill in their team b-day card.
Have they done a great job finishing up a big project? Show that staffer you see them walk in everyday with a Sonic Route 44 drink, give them a $10 Sonic gift card with a post-it of gratitude.
Facebook friends? Have you ever stopped to think how many likes you’d get if your boss posted something kind about you on your personal page?

Small gestures can go a long way. Giving your team the room to use their creativity and be their true selves won't just keep them happy in the office—they'll do their best work for an organization that demonstrably supports their success and cares for their wellbeing.
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