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Big Brother Isn't Always Watching: On Achieving Goals with Themes

Levant Technologies on June 02, 2017

Big Brother Isn't Always Watching: On Achieving Goals with Themes
Our Levant Tech CEO, Stacy Eads, enjoys creating challenges and quarterly themes that spur our project managers' creativity and goal-oriented human nature. It looks like all those years of cheesy, rhyming Student Council fundraisers paid off in the corporate ‘suit-and-tie’ world after all.

For example, in 2015 when the first two quarters of the year had yielded a great amount of sales but a low amount of website launches, the CEO initiated a three-month, third-quarter theme with a surprise reward. In the office, we kept discussing how a hot air balloon only works if there’s a fire lit from within, and how the balloon looks as it is “launched into the clouds” (similar to how we launch our client's websites into the cloud for web hosting). If the team could achieve 15 new launches to catch up on the sluggish first and second quarters, the CEO would have a huge surprise reward waiting for them.

How did the team respond to the THEMED quarterly goal?

The team blew away expectations and launched 75 sites by the end of Quarter 3, so Stacy took them on a thrilling and memorable group hot air balloon ride! It was an amazing bonding experience, as none of them had ever taken to the skies in a basket. The hot air balloon even flew directly over the CEO’s neighborhood and the surrounding OKC Metro for an hour, leading up to the now-Levant-infamous ‘crash landing’ that we’ll never forget. (No real injuries, yet the true battle scar stories abound if you ever hear one of us tell the tale.)

Want more ideas on Quarterly Team Themes? Reach out to Rob Garibay of Action Coach and Gazelle’s International business coaching certification. Tell them Levant sent you!

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