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Tech Tip Tuesday for HR

Levant Technologies on May 23, 2017

Tech Tip Tuesday for HR

Accountability: Best HR Tips in Tech for K.P.I. or S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Let’s get some acronym jargon out of the way:

K.P.I. = Key Performance Indicator 
S.M.A.R.T. = Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound Goals 

Levant Technologies follows the Gazelle business coaching Key Performance Indicator standards set forth by the Scale Up movement and books.

Each team member has a list of activities expected of them, along with a red, yellow, and green stoplight number. For example: if you’re in sales, a key performance indicator for employees is the number of networking meetings they attend in the community in order to meet people who can become potential leads or website proposals. Thus, a KPI might state specifically that they are to “attend networking meetings with more than 25 people present.” It’s clear, short, and quantitative. The goal is set that Green is Great = 8 meetings per month logged. Yellow is Needing Improvement = 6-7 meetings per month. Red is below the line of acceptability from management and needs urgent correction = fewer than 6 meetings per month attended with over 25 people present will not allow them to reach their fullest potential here at Levant.

Beyond basic job descriptions written in a clearer stoplight format for tracking quantitative actions and input of effort, Levant also encourages employees to take “ownership” in certain groups. We are active in multiple Business Network International (BNI meetings) as well as Norman, Moore, and Greater Oklahoma City Chambers for example. Each staff member takes “Lead Ownership” of interacting and attending one group. They are told the cost, and the return on investment expected by the CEO. They track their own results with the group (such as number of meetings attended, number of people they meet, and the number of those who become potential customers or referral partners). They know the ROI dollar figure they are expected to close in new sales to make their effort and time spent volunteering in that group worthwhile to the company overall.

They are allowed free reign of their innovative techniques and methods of developing those long-term relationships to establish what is typically a 1-3 year sales cycle before a contact may become a customer. Their creativity in meeting places, coffees and lunches, organizing their own small group referral sessions, sending their Chamber friends articles of importance to their industry, connecting with them on LinkedIn, and helping build trust is their own. The CEO provides training and remains available for questions and guidance, but each staffer and each group is unique; each employee’s creativity with thank-you cards and personalized follow-up allows for a direct connection to the ROI they achieve.

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