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Why Did Levant Hire a H.O.G.?

Levant Technologies on May 19, 2017

Why Did Levant Hire a H.O.G.?
How will your organization put your vision statement into practice? Here's how we did it!

Our CEO, Stacy Eads, attended Rob Garibay’s Action Coach Mentor Club sessions each week to grow as a leader, set ethical standards, and commit our core values to writing in a new way than was done in the past. We wanted to spur creative ideas on how our ethical values could be naturally absorbed into the daily interactions of our staff. The staff completed an anonymous survey, called a Net Promoter Score; it asks if the employee feels they have purpose in their role and if they enjoy their job enough to ask a friend or family member to work here. We had a 100% score, indicating that all 14 full-time staff members would invite a family member or close friend to work with us.

However, management did learn through survey feedback how to continually improve staff feelings of "purpose" and what roles each person can play within the bigger picture. Staff members felt “purpose” only within the clarity of their job description. They each had confidence from their key performance indicators of fulfilling their job successfully in a quantifiable way they could be proud. However, where Levant needed to improve, was the teammates’ “overall sense of purpose” within the vision of the company. How did their daily tasks relate to fulfilling our vision?

Thus, over the last three years through Gazelles training, Action Coach training, Business Excellence Forums, Creative Oklahoma, and Sandler Sales and Growth training classes, our CEO put a lot of thought into each employee’s purpose within Levant’s vision, services, and daily life. The result? This year, we added a H.O.G. to our team!

We call it our H.O.G. Vision for 2017: H.elping O.thers G.row is discussed twice weekly in our staff meetings. A shared GroupMe chat allows the team to shout out their H.O.G. success stories of how they helped a client, vendor, or community member grow that day. An example might be: “I wore a fun pink tutu today and crown to deliver Luggage with Love fundraiser jars to our BNI partner locations, and already picked up $500 in donations.” H.O.G. has really taken the “formal” vision statement on the website and turned it into a fun way they can connect to the idea.

They are able to put a quicker name, image, and relatable theme to the vision. Each employee is able to say it quickly, and provide ideas on how to implement H.O.G. better. It even allows them to feel a sense of purpose that extends beyond their role, their job title, their team effort, and even their clients. They feel a sense of purpose for life in general and within the community at large – helping others. It’s a resounding success!

Check out our H.O.G.! 

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