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Bracelets & Banners: How Levant Uses Team Activities to Intentionally Build and Maintain a Positive Culture

Levant Technologies on May 12, 2017

Bracelets & Banners: How Levant Uses Team Activities to Intentionally Build and Maintain a Positive Culture
Levant reinforces our culture of positivity and family values with intentional leadership behaviors from the top down: modeling, acting, and speaking in a way that all employees can be proud of. As an example of both her personal ethics, minimum employee standards for attitude, and an example of a tool utilized to maintain a high character zone within the workplace, our CEO wears a white rubber bracelet on her left arm every day when walking in the door. The employees follow suit with their participation as well, seeing that it’s important from the top down.

The white bracelet is a physical and visual reminder to maintain a positive attitude and seek positive solutions to problems that arise. When a fellow employee notes you’re “having a bad day” or “being grouchy,” you switch your white bracelet from the left wrist to the right to stop and acknowledge your mindset. It allows you a chance to laugh, agree, state what might be going on in your personal life that you dragged into work that day, let go, and move on with a wonderful day. Bracelets are moved for sighing, rolling eyes, huffing, negative speech like ‘I can’t’, self-doubt, etc. It is not HR or Management “calling them out for their behavior,” their fellow employees tell them to move their bracelet in a lighthearted yet poignant way that’s been very effective in the maintaining the ethical, positive, and family values atmosphere we desire. After all, we believe a SMILE can be heard through the phone.

We also held a Lunch & Learn internally, reading an article on the effects of positivity in the workplace, and took the accompanying self-assessment quiz on our propensity for positivity versus negativity. We then gathered and discussed our results, our definition of positivity, and our ideas on how to reinforce the result we want. This was all employee-driven from the bottom up to the CEO! The bracelets were an idea from our Business Development Manager, and everyone agreed to adopt the practice for 30 days to become more aware of our unintentional negativity. Our CEO however, has continued wearing the bracelet to model the behavior past 60+ days, as well as some employees who enjoyed the experiment. Others have shown the bracelet effectiveness by becoming more comfortable expressing when negativity is impacting them at work, by directly speaking to the person, finding the root problem, and coming up with an agreeable solution so everyone can move forward with a more positive outlook the rest of the day.

Levant has bright colorful banners in our conference room. Each week, we write a Gratitude Journal entry on one colored flag for the banner. We believe the act of daily gratitude helps define positivity better than simply the opposite definition of “don’t be negative.” These flags now state things like: “I love that none of my co-workers ever act as though a task is beneath them. Thanks for helping me pick up the broken light bulb I shattered.” Or “I am grateful for family-friendly flex time.”

We can’t wait to hang them up in our office so that positivity is always overhead.

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