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SEO & Business Owners

Chandler Neal on March 21, 2017

SEO & Business Owners
Since Levant’s owner recruited his fellow laid-off employees to work for his new company after the dot-com bust, this company has been focused on helping others grow. We inform our customers up-front about the web-design process, and we teach them everything we can to take ownership of their “online storefront.” Lately, SEO has been getting a lot of buzz, and we want to keep our customers up-to-date on everything they can do to make the most of their website. 

I found this video to be really helpful in keeping business owners focused. There’s a lot to learn in the World of Web, but this video breaks down some simple tips business owners can use when updating their website or considering a re-design. 

For starters, if you’re buying a new domain name, this video shows how you can do a “background check” to make sure a URL wasn’t previously “spammy.” This could affect the site’s ranking on Google or deter internet users who were spammed by that URL in the past. Think of it this way… What restaurant wants to move into a building that was previously a crack house?

You can also learn how to “fetch as a Googlebot” from this video. This allows you to see how Google recognizes the different pages on your site. From this same page, you can also send your updated pages to Google and tell Google to add your pages to its new search results. This is something Levant does for every customer’s new website (it’s called “parsing”), but it’s helpful to know when you’re adding pages later. The sooner Google knows it exists, the sooner the rest of the world will! 

The one thing this video emphasizes that everyone at Levant (and our customers!) can be grateful for is strategic design and content writing. Our Creative Director, Victor, has been creating custom designs for over 20 years, so he knows his stuff. But we also want our clients to be 100% satisfied, and when clients don’t have goals for their design revisions, that can be tough. I’d recommend all of our customers watch this short video before or during our design phase. That way, they have a chance to wrap their brain around concepts like target market and key words, and they’ll have a better working knowledge of why we’re designing the way we are.

We may have the techy programmers and creative guru in our office, but at the end of every project, we want you to be in control. This means being informed. We set you up with basic SEO guidelines, teach you how to update your site, and give you a beautiful framework for a new website. This video takes your knowledge a step further so you can make the most of your new site and navigate the SEO storm. 

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