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Service Where it Counts: How to Listen and Be Nice

Ryan Bryant on February 02, 2017

Service Where it Counts: How to Listen and Be Nice
At Levant, we’re not above a little self-education now and then. After all, exploring unique ideas on how to be a better web design company is never a bad thing. Throughout our thirteen-year history, we’ve made it a point to be as service-oriented as possible by really digging into the needs of our clients and providing fresh ideas for design, programming, and content. And though we’re proud of our accomplishments, there is always room for improvement. One of the most important aspects of customer service is actually hearing what the customer has to say, which is why Service Where it Counts by David E. Reed is an important read for advice on how to get the most out of what your clientele has to say.

One of Reed’s most important pieces of advice: no matter how many times you think you’ve heard what the client is saying, always be sure to let them explain. People inherently want to be heard, they want solutions to their problems, and they expect a reasonable amount of kindness and understanding. Our own Chandler Neal recently read the book and found that a lot of Reed’s advice resonated with her. “It was an idea I already believed in, but it was nice to hear it reiterated: you are in control of your own attitude, and your attitude can greatly impact the situation. There were eleven key points discussed in the book, but they all circled back to the basic idea of controlling your end of the situation. And the more patient, respectful, and kind you are, the better results for your job and for the company as a whole.” Reed also advises that to be effective at what you do, you should always be making an attempt to learn (which is exactly why we’re talking about books like this in the first place…). The more knowledge you have on your industry, the better you can assist both customers and coworkers.

In our approach to web design and customer service, our team likes to help each other out as much as we help our clients achieve their goals. There’s no cutthroat sales team vying for big accounts here--only a group of individuals working to assist one another to achieve an overarching goal. That team-oriented mindset is what drives our success as a company and allows us to work with clients in an open, receptive environment. Even if a potential client decides to go elsewhere for their web needs, we work to create and maintain a positive, encouraging experience for them.

Listening is the most important aspect of a business/client relationship and the best way to foster that ability is through a shared, team-oriented focus on service. From any angle, that’s hard to argue with. And it’s why Levant Technologies works hard on a daily basis to ensure the top-tier of customer service with each and every client.

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