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Levant Staff Profile: Chandler Neal

Ryan Bryant on January 31, 2017

Levant Staff Profile: Chandler Neal
Chandler Neal is a self-proclaimed dork. And in the world of web design, a penchant for dorkiness is almost required, given that our industry teems with the biggest advocates for nerd culture around.

Still, she’s not all nerd. Chandler, who grew up in Lawton, Oklahoma, spent her youth riding horses and still does when she visits her family. She’s also been heavily involved in CrossFit since high school and previously worked in a CrossFit gym.

“I’m really big into health and fitness,” she says. “It’s been a big part of my life for a long time and I can’t imagine not doing CrossFit. People joke about it being like a cult, but it’s really just a close-knit community. I love it.”

Chandler attributes her varied interests to her family, which she describes as “very mixed and strange.”

“We’re a lot like Modern Family,” she says. “And I’ve been really fortunate as far as families go. We get to spend a lot of time together and I really appreciate that. Also, my little sister is thirteen years younger than me and she’s the weirdest little kid I’ve ever known, but she’s super smart and I love her.”

Although she has a variety of interests, Chandler’s big loves are reading and writing, which led her to major in Professional Writing at the University of Oklahoma. As a student, she worked on a variety of writing projects, including a novel-length work of fiction.

“At first, I viewed my talents somewhat negatively, in that I thought, ‘Writing is the only thing I’m any good at, so I might as well pursue it.’ But I really loved my major from the start. I think a lot of people would view a writing deadline of four or five thousand words per week as something miserable, but I’d rather do that than pretty much anything else school-related.”

Web design, like writing, is a creative process. Both find their origins in an initial collection of hazy ideas, which are considered and modified and workshopped until the project finally turns into something exceptional. And thanks to her creativity and literary skills, along with her expertise and work ethic, Chandler remains an exceptional addition to the Levant team.

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