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Why Givers Gain and Keepers Lose

Ryan Bryant on September 06, 2016

Why Givers Gain and Keepers Lose
Levant is perpetually filled with the Givers Gain spirit! Now, we're aware it's only September and Christmas is still over 100 days away (to everyone's chagrin). But luckily, we're not talking about gift giving or the Christmas spiritwe haven't even had the opportunity to publicly showcase what dorks we are by dressing up like Harry Potter or Spock for Halloween yet. We aren't encouraging you to fast forward through Fall altogether; we are, however, encouraging you to fall in love with one of our favorite books: Giver's Gain, by Dr. Ivan Misner.

If there's anything our Oklahoma Web site Project Managers enjoy more than their Sorting Hat or Live Long and Prosper shirts (and they enjoy those a lot), it's being a part of the Business Network International program that Misner created utilizing the Givers Gain philosophy. Recently, as a brand new Web Project Manager, our very own Tonya Sharp joined the Thinking BIG BNI Chapter of Yukon, Oklahoma, where she saw Levant's values spring to life in the principles held between this book's covers.

"While reading this book many thoughts crossed my mind, but the one point that seemed to come again and again was simple: givers do gain," Tonya said. What do we mean by that statement? Exactly what it says: Givers Gain helps to forge connections and trust between people and businesses. "Givers are happy," she said, "and they get joy out of helping and promoting others."

Levant has been a proud supporter of BNI for over 5 years. Dr. Misner has built an enormous network of like-minded business professionals who work together to create community connections. The skill of providing great customer service is at the forefront for those who grow their business via networking. That's why BNI and Dr. Misner's work is such a terrific fit for Levant Technologies. Tonya recommends that all business personnel read Givers Gain "to understand that success does not happen overnight, but when we put our customers and helping our fellow community first, we won’t have to promote ourselves. Our communities and our trusted BNI members will do it for us and help create a successful business and social life."

For more info on Dr. Misner's work or on BNI in general, check out their website for more information!

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