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Levant Is Hiring!

Levant Technologies on June 06, 2016

Levant Is Hiring!
Levant Technologies is hiring! Click here to learn more. We'll only reveal the secret location of the Levant Batcave to someone who can build relationships with clients and isn't afraid to put themselves out there.

In this position, you'll have a six-week training with Levant's tech ninjas to ensure you have all the skills you need to get out there and make it happen! We're looking for someone who's in it for the long haul, so if you're looking for a short-term gig, this isn't the job for you. But, if you're interested in developing your career at the #1 web design company in Oklahoma as voted by okc.biz and the Oklahoma Gazette, then look no further. 

Make sure to jump on this opportunity -- the interview process has already started!