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Stacy Eads, Levant's CEO, on the Hello Tech Pros Podcast!

Levant Technologies on May 25, 2016

Stacy Eads, Levant's CEO, on the Hello Tech Pros Podcast!
This week, our very own CEO extraordinaire, Stacy Eads, is a guest on the Hello Tech Pros podcast (Episode 51). The podcast, hosted by Chad Bostick, showcases tech professionals as they talk about leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, and a ton of other fascinating topics.

Stacy has a reputation as one of the most productive, hard-working people in the Oklahoma tech world. But how does she develop and hone that productivity into the kind of growth Levant has seen over the past several years? She delves into this and more on the podcast and reveals some tips and tricks to getting the most out of your workday.

One of her hot-button issues is chat messaging services within the office, like Skype or Lync, which she argues are a recipe for disaster.

“I personally consider pop ups and red, flashing icons to be a drain hole of productivity,” she says. “Pop ups create an innate, urgent feeling within humans to feel it’s important to read it now and respond now, even if it’s absolutely not of any urgency at all.” She argues that the subsequent attempt to refocus yourself is hard-fought and a big chunk of your workday will be consumed by refocusing on your work after an interruption. Similarly, Stacy advocates only checking your email a few times a day to ensure consistency in your working hours.

“I train anyone I mentor to check their email only three times a day, and work offline the rest of the day on truly urgent and important task completion with uninterrupted focus,” she says. “There is a difference between urgent and important. When the two merge and one task is labelled as both, then it’s your number one priority that day.”

On the podcast, Stacy covers a ton of issues on productivity, teamwork, delegating tasks, and more. Make sure to give the episode a listen, and check out some of the other episodes of Hello Tech Pros. Chad Bostick’s interviews with tech professionals may inspire you to make some big changes in the way you work. Don’t miss it -- it could change your working life.

Go to http://hellotechpros.com/ to listen and learn more, and follow the podcast on Twitter and Facebook!

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