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Levant Staff Profile: Ryan Bryant

Levant Technologies on March 14, 2016

Levant Staff Profile: Ryan Bryant

Ryan Bryant loves words. As a (very nerdy) child, he was always interested in stories and how they develop and unfold, which led to many hours spent reading books and writing stories.

“Underneath everything, everyone has a story to tell,” Ryan said. “I think it’s really interesting how these narratives work in every aspect of our lives, and I try to bring that out in my work with Levant.”


As a project manager and content writer for Levant, Ryan works with our clients to find the best way not only to project a positive online image, but also to get the most out of web content through some useful Search Engine Optimization techniques. Talking with Levant customers and cultivating the best content possible is what drives him when kicking off a project.

“It’s often not only what you write on your site, but how you write it. We can take your ideas and help you get the most SEO value just by modifying a few words and phrases. That, in addition to the work we do on the back-end, can help give your website a lot more visibility.”

That visibility is hugely important. A website is the digital front door for any organization. And with the right guidance and design, your site can be elevated beyond the do-it-yourself sites with a custom-designed, easy-to-navigate site built by Levant Technologies.

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