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Levant Staff Profile: Stacy Eads

Ryan Bryant on February 22, 2016

Levant Staff Profile: Stacy Eads
Stacy Eads has always had a knack for helping people be the best version of themselves. Even as a kid, she focused on how to make life easier and better for others.

This penchant toward selflessness shaped the trajectory of her professional life and put her on the path to becoming the CEO of the number one ranked web design company in Oklahoma three years running: Levant Technologies.

“I’m just genetically energetic,” Stacy said. “Initially, I worked for nonprofits because I’ve always been big on helping people. But a generous mentor helped me realize you can sometimes help even more people by working with the nonprofit industry through donations, volunteering, and service --- without necessarily working within the four walls of a specific nonprofit agency.”

In college, she did public relations work for Citizens Caring for Children while she studied journalism at the University of Central Oklahoma. She had been honing her journalism skills throughout high school, where she wrote some pretty controversial and intense stories. After realizing her dream of becoming a magazine editor before the age of 30, she needed a new challenge. That's when her Print dream became a Web dream.

She fell in love with the fun and challenging work environment at Levant Technologies. “Custom programming at Levant was a breath of fresh air because I had the freedom to tell customers YES, we can build that!", she said. "I knew I had found the perfect job for me.” Stacy had instant rapport with Levant's owner, Tarek Dina. They both worked a decade ago at an emerging OKC tech firm that was building live streaming and on demand video. Their online product back in 2002 served everyone from the prim and proper PGA Tour, to the raucous and rowdy World Wide Wrestling Federation. "Imagine what we now take for granted as Go To Meeting, Skype, and FaceTime --- we were building those types of brand new platforms from the ground up all those years ago," Stacy said.

As CEO of Levant Technologies, Stacy has helped our company grow by 800 percent and boosted Levant’s reputation as one of the best web design companies in the state. And we think that’s pretty cool. She’s also Levant’s resident Search Engine Optimization expert and works to ensure each of our clients get the best bang for their SEO buck.

In an industry filled with a lack of face-to-face, reliable customer service, Stacy remains an outlier in her dedication to our client's needs. She likes to say, "The customer signs my paycheck...not Levant" This service-based attitude is what keeps Levant Tech at the top of the Oklahoma web design game.

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