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  • Levant Staff Profile: Tarek Dina

    Levant Technologies February 05, 2016

    Growing up in Lebanon, Tarek Dina was a shy kid. He spent most of his free time alone, reading comic books or putting puzzles together, unsure of his true interests and uncertain on what to do with his life. But when he first got his hands on a computer, everything clicked for him.

    “I got interested in computers in the mid-1980s,” he said. “After that, they were always a huge part of my life. I was hooked.” » Read Full Article

  • Levant Staff Profile: Kara King

    Levant Technologies January 29, 2016

    For years, Kara King wanted to be an opera singer. It wasn't something she initially saw herself doing professionally. But a scholarship opportunity at Southeastern Oklahoma State University presented itself and she was confronted with the possibility of pursuing her passion. It was something she had to try, even if she ended up hating it. She reveled in the performative aspect and in the ability to lose herself in the arias she sang. Yet, at the end of two years, her voice was strained and she found herself longing for a new opportunity. She then transferred to the University of Oklahoma, where she studied public relations and sociology. » Read Full Article

  • Levant Staff Profile: B. Atman

    Levant Technologies January 22, 2016

    The concept of the creative eccentric has become a cliche on TV ever since Cosmo Kramer burst into Seinfeld's apartment and into our hearts. These made-for-the-tube eccentrics are born out of a universal truth though, where a kernel of reality right here in Norman, Oklahoma clicks with so many people, it finds mythical status. Enter scene: Levant's "B. Atman."
    » Read Full Article

  • Levant Staff Profile: Victor Moyer

    Levant Technologies January 15, 2016

    When Victor Moyer became interested in art, graphic design wasn't a consideration. He was a fine arts guy until an academic advisor at the University of Oklahoma made him aware of the available possibilities. 

    "I was interested in architecture, as well, but it would have been a longer process," he said. "Back then, it was all about print design, but we still covered the basics: color theory, typography, that kind of thing. Initially, our teachers didn't know how to approach web content." » Read Full Article

  • Levant Staff Profile: Ryan Lassiter

    Levant Technologies January 08, 2016

    Ryan Lassiter has had only four jobs in his life. The first, and undoubtedly the most glamorous, was working as a guard at a skating rink.

    "The rink guard was a coveted position," he said. "Everyone was afraid of you because you could put them in rink time out, which unfortunately fed my power complex. When the owner died, the rink was taken over by a competitor and I quit. Teenage me wouldn't compromise my integrity by working for the competition." » Read Full Article

  • Proud Chamber Supporter

    Stacy Eads, CEO July 06, 2014

    Our website and app team members are proud supporters of local businesses, so it only makes sense that Levant Technologies is an active supporter of local Chambers as well. Our local business owners benefit greatly from the combined efforts of great chambers such as the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Norman Chamber of Commerce. » Read Full Article

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