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A Little Advice from Disney

Stacy Eads on March 08, 2017

A Little Advice from Disney
As the CEO of an Oklahoma web design and app company—where I manage 14 full time employees and over 550 customers' personal satisfaction—slowing down isn’t an option; I truly believe you can never stop learning.

Whether it's learning from your own mistakes or by reaching outside your sphere of comfort, working toward self-improvement is a must. Albert Einstein is credited with the idea that if you stop learning, you stop growing. And logically, if you're not growing, you’re dying. It's certainly true for a budding tree and it can apply to your career, as well.

This week, a coworker with a deep love for all things Disney recommended Lee Cockrell's podcast for my continued personal growth. (Click here to listen to the podcast!)

My educational takeaway? I learned to awaken my senses to a Disney-style "magical" customer experience. I especially enjoyed that he acknowledged how small changes over time can make a huge difference. I also loved that he would take great customer experience memos in everyday life. These memos did not have to be relevant to his competition, his industry, products, or services. Something as simple as a hotel’s expert arrangement of pillows can spark an idea, even for Okie web designers like ourselves.

As a result, I took note of all the magical customer experience moments I had my own life. Recently, I travelled to Houston to get inspired by billionaire and ActionCoach founder Brad Sugars. The Westin Houston hotel provided a door-hanger that encouraged guests to be aware of their impact on the planet and provided a five-dollar credit to the in-hotel Starbucks. They also took advantage of the recent popularity of essential oils by providing guests with bedside lavender oil. Now that's a magical customer service win!

When I returned home to Oklahoma, I realized my truck tag had expired. When I went to the tag agency in Newcastle to replace it, I was greeted with yet another magical experience. For those unaware of this year’s changes in Oklahoma, when you go to renew your annual sticker you are now required to purchase a new, updated tag. At the counter, I realized I did not have any of the necessary tools with me to change my tag. The gentleman at the tag agency kindly offered to do it for me! What a great way to see a customer in need, anticipate in advance what they require, and wow them with above-and-beyond service.
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