Chandler Scarbrough

Chandler Scarbrough Project Manager

Chandler Neal - Project Manager
Chandler Scarbrough

Chandler Scarbrough loves stories. When she was a kid, writing was the only thing she knew with any certainty that she wanted to do. After years of reading books and honing her writing skills, she arrived at the University of Oklahoma and found an opportunity to let her creative side flourish in the Professional Writing program.

Armed with her writing background, Chandler works hard with Levant’s clients to ensure their web presence is a reflection of who they are and what they hope to achieve. Her interest in fiction writing provides her with a unique ability to craft a client’s message into the perfect digital representation of their business, while her passion for family and local businesses keeps her clients motivated and excited about their new website.

When she isn’t working, Chandler likes to participate in “Hobbit Night” (a delightful term for watching a Lord of the Rings or Hobbit film while drinking wine with her roommate), playing board games with her family, CrossFitting, or maintaining an irrational love of all-things peanut butter.