Organized Account Executive & Energetic Marketer

We're looking for a full-time Account Executive who is a talented Network Marketer that can bring in long-term sales by building relationships with clientele. This position does come with a 6-week training course, so entry-level or mid-level applicants with 0-3 years of experience are accepted, all levels of high school, vo-tech, or college graduates. Only applicants seeking a long-term career opportunity with Levant for a minimum of 5+ years or more please. We don’t have high turnover. Our staff loves working here, and we don’t need any “job-hoppers” who are not seeking long-term employment.


If you have little experience as a Website Project Manager, be sure in your cover letter/email to explain why you believe you have transferrable skills that would work well in one or more of these areas: service-based sales; network marketing; social media and blog support; website content writing; customer service; or client project management.


You would join our growing team at Levant Technologies in Norman, Oklahoma as a full-time employee to build customer rapport and loyalty among our 450+ clients. You will actively seek out marketing and networking opportunities within the Metro OKC Area to gain new client exposure toward sales of apps, websites, mobile sites, databases, and more. This is a fancy way of saying you will attend morning and evening Norman, Moore, and OKC Chamber events. You will network each week in BNI (Business Network International) anywhere from Norman to Edmond or Midwest City to Yukon. You will meet with referral partners and prospective clients to learn about their website needs, provide one-hour free web consultations, and write sales proposals. You’ll seek to close sales, acquire new clients, and become an active project manager with weekly goals for content, search engine optimization, and client communication to bring that new sale toward an effective, live launch.


Not sure if you should apply? Think you don’t have what it takes? Rake in the points to find out!
  • Ever had an 8am-5pm office job? 1 Point on the board already!
  • Give yourself 1 Point for every social media site/app you use (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • 2 Points if anyone describes you as ‘OCD’, overly organized, a “to do list” maker, etc.
  • Bonus 2 points if you’ve ever had a job where you had to call out to clients regularly on the phone
  • Score 4 Points if you’ve ever tried multi-level marketing (Arbonne, Scentsy, etc.) for more than 3 years successfully building a team
  • Add 5 Points if you have a Journalism degree or ever wrote for your high school newspaper
  • 8 More Points if you’ve ever sold a service like insurance or advertising, rather than a product like knives or vacuums
  • Subtract 10 Points if you consider yourself anti-social, fearful of large crowds, or not very talkative
  • Extra Credit 13 Points if you’ve ever worked at a website, hosting, IT, or social media company before


  • Your reliability & character must be excellent and solid. Family-values a must.
  • This is a salaried, full-time position with group dental benefits & vacation plans. Medical coverage is independent, per employee or family decision, not included within employee benefits package.
  • Metro Travel required – Okla state license, and good driving record with insurance + reliable vehicle needed.
  • Extensive experience using Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, (and QuickBooks a mere bonus)
  • Strong level of comfort with computers, Internet, social media, apps, technology, and the web-world in general
  • Our office is located at 501 North Porter Avenue (Suite 140) in Norman, Oklahoma 73071. For more information, please visit our website:
  • Specific experience with a website, app, social media, hosting, or IT firm not necessary – but a bonus if you are tech savvy and a fast learner. We will train!
  • Don’t delay - Interviews have already begun!



Over the last 13 years in business, Levant Technologies has established a reputation of website design and mobile app excellence. We were voted the #1 Oklahoma Web Design provider for the last four years in a row by our clientele and OKC.Biz readers. Our team is a family, and we hold our family values of Integrity, Flexibility, and Customer Experience at the forefront of our daily interactions. We’ve grown over 600% in the last 5 years, and there’s no end in sight! Come join a fun, energetic team of hard-working individuals who succeed at anything we put our mind to.

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